WMSI Inventor's Camp for Girls : Filling our inventor's Tool Box!

My favorite thing about girl's camp is the variety of programs and skills we explore! For 5 days the girl's are challenged to learn new things and expand their knowledge on everything from robots and 3D printing to coding and APP building!


Early in the week, coding EV3's was a very exciting activity! The girls had 2 design challenges. First, they built a DrawBot that they coded to draw on it's own! Next, they were given an even tougher challenge: get the Robot up the slack line! They worked hard on their robots, iterated a variety of designs and stayed focused on their goals. They were all smiles and didn't want the days to end!


Sometimes they were found helping each other understand how to use TinkerCad to 3D print their designs. It was so encouraging to see the girls work together to invent and solve problems!


Using a coding platform called Scratch, we could build games, stories or greeting cards!


We were lucky to have a visitor come over and help us build helicopters! Building with our hands and physical tools, is a big part of being an inventor!


One of our most challenging and exciting inventor's projects was using a platform called Thunkable to design APPs to help our community. This gave the girls a lot of freedom to think about how they could help, design and use their apps. Many continued to work on them during their free time!


Last day FUN! I think the most appealing design challenge was Stop Motion Animation! Many girls chose to continue working on this as part of their last day.


3D Catapult Launch contest! When given parameters, it was interesting to see the girls problem solve and work to launch their object the farthest!


Many girls worked hard on APP Design!


Our Tool Box is full!