Young Maker Camp Day Three!

By Jeremy Knowlton

Throughout the week, we've been getting super excited about making stuff move; we've also been excited about questioning why things move. Today, we cranked our scientist's caps on and observed how things will move through water!

First, we handed out a plate and 10 skittles to each maker. We asked them to arrange the skittles in a fun pattern. Next? the observation challenge! As counselors poured water over each student's skittles, we watched what happened and then performed experiments! Some students didn't touch their plates and observed  how colors diffused across the plate in cool patterns. Other students blew on their plates, gasping as the colors blended into a brown mush before slowly separating back into distinct patterns again. Super cool! We challenged students to think of cool reasons why colors liked to be separate, and received lots of creative answers, including "red and green aren't friends!"


We also added custom modifications to our robot builds today to answer a challenge: "what stuff can your robot haul?" Makers brainstormed and giggled as their newly designed robots moved foam boards, paper towels, and Jeremy's hat!

Folks at WMSI also had to answer a challenge today: "what's a good outdoor game for a STEM Camp?" The answer was gears - lots of colored gears in the best scavenger race our staff has ever thrown! We placed gears all over our green space and had the makers collect them all as quickly as possible. The team work payed off - we collected over 100 gears in 50 seconds! Tomorrow, there will be even more challenges... 


At the end of today, we started on our next project: Stop Motion Animation! Can't wait to dive in more tomorrow!

If you'd like to see more pictures, check out our Facebook album of the day!