Tom Higginbotham

Tom Higginbotham is Director of Science Education for the Teacher Residency for Rural Education (TRRE), a 15-month STEM-focused program that enables aspiring educators to teach in NH’s rural K-12 schools. He is also a research and teaching associate at UNH, where he teaches classes that include science methods, educational technology, and STEM education. His practical and research interests include finding ways to demystify STEM fields for teachers and students, and making Community-Based Design Projects a habitual practice in the TRRE program.

There aren’t many roles he hasn’t had over his career in education. He has taught outdoor education, secondary science and math, and served for over a decade as a school administrator in both primary and secondary schools. Along the way, he earned his PhD from Boston College in Curriculum & Instruction, studying sex and gender issues in the K-12 science classroom and educational technology. He has also worked as a consultant for school leaders, focusing on Common Core Standards (both math and ELA).

When he’s not working on or thinking about his ice rink….hahahahahaha! Just kidding. He’s always working on or thinking about his ice rink.

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