WMSI STEM Summer Camps!

We offer engaging and exciting day camps which include engineering, robotics, coding, Minecraft, outdoor design, and much more!

Bethlehem and Gorham locations!

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June 19th - June 21st (3 day camp)   •   9am - 12pm

Ages 5-8 • Littleton


About: Young Maker Camp is back this year, which will again consist of half-day sessions aimed for those entering K-2. It’s a big and exciting world, and our young makers will learn more about the world around them and diverse ways to interact with it. We’ll explore various engineering projects, game design, basic robotics, and some fun craft projects too!


June 19th - June 21st (3 day camp)   •   9am - 2pm

Ages 8 - 13 • Littleton

About: Programming our own animated stories, designing basic games, and exploring coding in Minecraft Pi: these are a few of the paths we’ll follow during Summer 2019’s Coding Camp! Although we’ll focus heavily on block-based coding environments like Scratch, we’ll tinker a little bit with text-based coding in Python, and explore some all-new coding environments too!


June 24th - 28th (5 day camp)   •   9am - 2pm

Ages 8 - 13 • Littleton

We’ll take the world of robotics head-on during this compelling camp, using primarily LEGO EV3 Mindstorms kits to design robots of all kinds to solve engineering challenges. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to robotics or have lots of EV3 experience: there’s fun and engaging challenges for all levels! All new this year: we’ll explore Novel Engineering, where we take problems characters find themselves in amidst our favorite novels, and design real-world robotics solutions for them!


Animation-logo-black (1).png

July 1st-3rd (3 day camp)   •   9am - 2pm

Ages 8-13 • Littleton


About: Telling stories can happen in many ways, and the many tools of animation allow us to bring our story ideas to life in an instant! Join us as we unlock the animator’s toolbox, which includes: Stop Motion Animation, Replacement Animation, Pixelation, and more! We’ll use these techniques in HUE Animation Studio to bring some wild story ideas to life: can you hatch a dragon out of an egg? Can you turn a globe into a mass of smaller marbles? How about making your friends appear to fly? After Animation Studio Camp, you’ll have the ability to add effects like these to your story!



July 1st-2nd (2 day camp)   •   9am - 12pm  

Ages 5-8 • Littleton


About: Telling stories can happen in many ways, and the wide spectrum of animation tools allows us to bring our story ideas to life in an instant! In this 2-day animation camp for our K-2 explorers, we’ll use HUE Animation Studio to brainstorm and bring to life some fun story ideas: design wizards to cast spells, send your characters on fun journeys into the unknown, and bring your favorite LEGO pieces to life!


July 8th-12th (5 day camp)   •   9am - 2pm  

Ages 8-13 • Littleton

About: All of the best games have a compelling story at their center. During this fun and immersive camp, we’ll dive into the diverse world of game design, dreaming up stories of all kinds and producing fully interactive games each and every day. We’ll have the many tools of a maker at our disposal: Scratch coding, Makey Makey kits, EV3 LEGO Mindstorms, sensors, animation tools, and more! But most importantly, we’ll have our creative minds to conjure up these imaginative games! ALL NEW CHALLENGES FOR SUMMER 2019!


July 16th-18th (3 day camp)   •   9am - 12pm  

Ages 5-8 • Littleton


About: This year WMSI is offering an amazing opportunity for students entering K-2 and looking to step into the realm of basic robotics! During these three half-day sessions, we’ll explore robotics with LEGO We-Do Kits and LEGO EV3 Mindstorms Kits. No robot experience; We’ll learn how to follow directions to build cool robots, and begin to design and build some of our own basic robots!



July 15th - 19th (5 day camp)   •   9am - 2pm

Ages 8 - 13 • Littleton

Inventors are creators, innovators, designers, and makers. For this week in July, girls who join us for Inventors Camp will open up the inventor’s toolbox, using it’s diverse array of tools to design and create inventions that improve our interactions with the world around us! Whether its coding, robot, or design inventions, it will be a week of creation and innovation to intrigue and inspire!



July 22nd - 26th (5 day camp)   •   9am - 2pm

Ages 8 - 13 • Littleton

About: If you’re fascinated by the vast array of maker tools that continue to evolve rapidly around us, Maker Camp is a can’t-miss! We’ll explore a wide range of these tools, including: Raspberry Pi’s, LEGO Mindstorms Robotics, Vernier Data Sensors, LASER Cut parts, and 3D Printers! We’ll use these tools to complete fun design challenges, such as: telling a story with data we’ve collected ourselves, constructing mazes with sensors, and engineering solutions to problems we find in our favorite novels! ALL NEW DESIGN PROJECTS FOR 2019!



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Camp Staff: WMSI staff share a passion and happy enthusiasm for designing and implementing student centered, project based STEM lessons. WMSI staff have strong backgrounds in education, science, and engineering with undergraduate, graduate, and significant work experience in the following areas:

  • Curriculum and Instruction

  • Experiential education

  • Biology

  • Physics

  • Meteorology

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Programming

  • Systems design

Camp College/Highschool Instructors: WMSI trains highschool and college students to assist with instruction for all of our camps. These instructors gain valuable experience in leadership and group facillitation while also providing mentorship to your children. 

What a Camp Looks Like: In a WMSI camp we provide your children with access to resources, hands-on instruction with project based lessons, and a place to brainstorm and create engaging projects. Camps are also designed to get children excited about projects at home, with lots of helpful links and helpful pictures sent to parents at the end of each day!