Solve it with LEGO Series - Are you on your way to becoming a LEGO expert?   This series is for you!  WMSI will provide challenging and very cool real world problems that need solving.   A plant watering robot?  Pet feeder?  A door opener?  Laundry-bot?  Something to take out the garbage?  What's the catch? We want you to solve the real world problem with a LEGO MINDSTORMS kit. Find out how LEGO's can assist in real-world prototyping and how engineering connects directly back with the real world.

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Group them Together    •   Grades 6-8 •   3 hours    •    Pricing per workshop: $32

What happens when a group of skilled individuals come together to solve a problem? The answer is, whatever the group decides. In this workshop, participants will work as a group to come up with a LEGO designed solution to a very simple problem.

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