Help support WMSI

We need your help to ensure we can continue our kindergarten through teacher programs such as our Mobile After School STEM program, our tuition assistance for the Maker, Robot, Game Design, and Inventors camps, our high school and university internship program - Instructor Developer Corp, and to take the necessary time to articulate, develop and instruct all of our programs for Students and Teachers. In addition to accepting monetary contributions we love hearing the stories of people we have connected with over the years! Share with us how WMSI has helped you or someone you know grow as a creative problem solver.

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Our Mission

To excite kids and teachers about STEM knowledge and skills and help them grow as creative problem solvers.


The WMSI Mobile STEM Lab is coming to the North Country! Teacher professional development; new camps and workshops available! New internship opportunities.


Follow along as we support positive experiences learning real world applications of STEM learning through camps, school visits and classes.