Thanks for a great summer!

The last few days at a WMSI camp is always chaotic. Everyone is so excited to see what we are doing each day; we generally save the more intensive activities for the last few days. Whether our campers are starting a new project or trying their best to finish one from the previous day, it is always crazy.

We started off our very last day with a messy and fun engineering challenge: Build a Tower out of Straws and Shaving Cream.

With the last two days of camp being more open ended, the campers all worked on whatever project they were on.

From SAM (Stop Motion) Animation all the way to wall climbing robots, our campers were working hard with huge smiles on their faces. The phrase 'whistle while you work' never seemed so true. 

As our campers worked, myself, Jess and Kaelin would circle the room looking for those who needed help finishing up.

The incredible part of these last two days was that nobody really required a large amount of attention. Our campers only took on projects that they knew they could finish; it was because of this that we had such cool final products!

Personally, I found the of the coolest parts of this camp, and our campers, was their use of multiple platforms. From computers, to whiteboard, tissue paper and glue, our campers made good use of all the tools they had at their disposal.


Our camps success was clear when we saw the enthusiasm from the campers and the support from their parents on the final day. Many parents showed up to see what amazing creations their children made during their week with us.

With the parents wide eyes and the campers pearly white smiles, we knew this camp had been a great success.