Recycling Ideas and displaying Rubbish

I'm sure most of you have heard of a "Rube Goldberg" machine; if not, it is machine which is a wondrous device which strenuously accomplishes one task. Whether it is flipping a switch or turning a knob, all the machine needs to do is complete a simple task.

The twist is that is has to be the craziest, most complex design you've ever seen. The bigger the better; the more intense and difficult to work with, the better.

These crazy machines aren't made for functionality, they are made for entertainment and the 'Wow Factor'.

Our campers spent hours working on this epic machine in pairs, but ultimately, it was the entire group of campers that made this machine come together.

In the end it was the smiles on our campers faces that made this project come to life. Even if they didn't get to finish their portion of the machine, they were able to show us where they were going with their ideas and as I have said before; it is those ideas that are most important.