Fresh faces and a new look

Each camp we have is greeted with high anticipation from both the counselors and the campers. It was only this week that I highly anticipated a new learning opportunity. Normally I am just excited to see what each camper creates. This time, however, I was excited to see how differently that girls think about things and how they attack problems.

Whether in a group or all alone, the girls in our Inventors Camp tended to work together more often then separately.

In a group or not, our campers used each other as a main resource.

I can't believe the differences between genders. Being a boy, I suppose I stereotyped that we really weren't all that different in our methods of thought; it turns out I was very wrong. Both boys and girls have their own ways of thinking, both effective in their own ways.

I can't wait to see what our campers are able to produce for tomorrow!