Welcome to the Apocalypse

Entering into a wasteland of robot parts and forgotten ideas, humans are no longer the dominant species; yes, it is true, the Maker is now the true King of the Jungle.

Each day our campers come in to create, break apart and rebuild, over and over. One could imagine that destroying a fantastic build at the end of the day would be sad, but we at WMSI make sure it is a fun experience. We (Campers and Counselors) take a brief moment of silence to remember our builds and drop our ideas into the back of our minds for later, and then, we disassemble!

It is these ideas that our campers save which will then improve their future builds. Each design builds upon the previous and influences the next and this is how we structure our summer cams and workshops. We start with a simple foundation and then we slowly build upon it, each time destroying that foundation to start with a newer stronger foundation for our next skill building activity.

This is why I call it the apocalypse; parts, robots and pieces are destroyed but never forgotten, and you can usually look around the room and ask others to remind of what once was. Nobody forgets an amazing project they built, in fact I'm certain when you pick your son/daughter up they are ranting and raving about what they've done; excited and thrilled to show off their amazing ideas and work.

Today our Apocalyptic wasteland was populated with animals of all kinds, from snakes, to gorillas, alligators and even dancing animals, we had it all. These animals, however, were not created from thin air, but from the hands of a Maker.

Our Makers came in many forms today, from doctors and mechanics to engineers and idealists; everyone contributed to the amazing pool of ideas our WMSI Wasteland holds.

Unfortunately the wasteland is not forgiving and these animals will only last a short while, but the ideas, those live on forever.