Which seat is mine?

Everyone remembers their first few days of school each year. Always nervous about who is in your class, who you are sitting next to and how strict your teacher will be; then once you actually get in your class you realize you're surrounded by people just like you.

Everyone walked into Robot Camp with open eyes and ears. Some campers knew other campers and some were even new to New Hampshire, regardless they all had something in common - their great love for designing robots. We looked at our class roster in he morning and decided on groups. We tried to pair campers together based on skill level and design style, anticipating that this would help make powerful and happy groups. Even though approximately 80% of the group members didn't know each other, they came around to the idea of building together and because of that, they succeeded.

As the day carried on our groups would work together, either building half a project or creating a hybrid of ideas in order to trump today's challenge, an uphill derby.

Utilizing a multitude of designs every group conquered the challenge in a different way. Pulling from their previous experiences and looking around the room and gathering examples, each group built what they thought to be the ultimate climber. Whether their build focused on the programming or engineering side, they all worked in pairs to achieve a feat of LEGO magic, conquering gravity and forcing an otherwise purposeless pile of LEGO parts up a ramp.

From treads, to wheels to ball bearings and more, every build's layout, programming and final design were so vastly different that each time a robot made it to the top, it got a round of applause.

I know myself and my fellow counselors had a blast and we hope our campers did as well. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future.