Guts, Glory, ROBOTS!

We all know destroying machines is fun, no matter what materials are used. This is why LEGO Robots lend themselves so well to Battlebots. The fun of building and re-engineering the robots combined with the durability and sophistication of LEGO engineering and design.

Today we took it upon ourselves to become engineers of LEGO Sumo-Bots. Sumo-Bots is essentially the same idea as Battlebots, but without the focus on weapons and more focus on design, and physics principals.

Having friction, or a large wall in the right place at the right time can be a game-changer. With today being spent on the design and testing, campers were able to modify and adjust their robots to their fighting style and their robots strengths. 

The incredibly useful element LEGO adds to these Sumo-Bots is their rapid iteration. Being able to adjust your robot before and in-between fights can make a huge difference and it also helps teach our campers how to build and design and think, on the fly.

With such amazing designs, I can't explain these robots as well as I can show them. If you consider the amount of work these robots took to get to this point (I didn't even mention designing the controllers and actually getting the remote controls to work) it is simply amazing what our campers have done!