How do you want it? BIGGER!

With Robot Design Studio starting this week, we knew we wanted to take our builds to the next level. With epic engineering challenges at the beginning of the week, and multi-day builds afterwards, we knew we were in for a jam-packed week.

The starting pistol shot off and so the designers began to plan their builds. Each with a different design of how to build their sorting robots.

Their challenge was to sort out a red and blue ball and return them to the bins, what they didn't realize was how difficult this could be. Unpredicted size and rotation variables made this challenge especially hard.

Difficulty engineering proper designs led to incredibly creative programming; as well as the frequent use of sensors to assist in the task.

In the end everyone came out on top with their own creative, imaginative and impressive builds.

Knowing what we have in store for tomorrow, I can tell you my writing may be compelling, but the videos and photos of tomorrows work will be unbelievably cool.