Crank it up and let it go!

My work at WMSI has always been like a wind up car; I pull back at the end of the day, storing all my energy up overnight, ready for the next day, and when 9AM hits I let it go. All that power and drive pushes me through the day, designing, creating and inventing for the young minds that desire it so greatly. 

After spending these first few months with WMSI I have realized that anything is possible. All that drive and energy I have at the beginning of the day is due to the encouragement and assistance my coworkers provide; this is why we make such a fantastic organization. Bill Church has pulled together the ultimate Brain Trust of the North Country. We all come from different backgrounds and have all had difference experiences which is what makes us such a formidable force when it comes to problem solving.

It is an amazing feeling to give a budding mind a box of LEGOs and ask them: "How far do you want to take it?" I have had many experiences where the question "Can I?" is answered with: "No, I'm sorry but that just isn't possible." Here at WMSI I have seen countless examples of the question being flipped, we don't hear participants asking if they can do something, they just ask how long they have to work.