A White Mountain Orchestra

As the first day of Robot Camp approaches, WMSI enters full swing into our Summer Camp Preparations. From testing ideas to setting up the classroom, everyone at WMSI is hustling around to get everything done before 5:00pm hits.

Each day of preparation for camp is always an experience. Our camp curriculum dictates what we will be testing during each day of preparation. As of right now we are testing out our WMSI symphony. Each participant will be able to design and build an instrument and with the help of a talented WMSI conductor, we will pull together a great spectacle of auditory magic.

I always find it interesting that from Day 1 to Day 5 our plans for camp always get more and more extreme. It always works out well because we have such a variation in skill levels within our camps; this also give us a huge variety of final products which is always amazing and astounding.

Even as I write this post there is creating, designing and exploring happening all around me. From LEGOs, to paint and soldering, WMSI's brain never sleeps and neither do our creative ideas!