Jam-packed with fun, until there's no sun!

As you may have noticed, we at WMSI like to work up until the very last minute. We want to fill every second of our Maker Camp with awesome, epic experiments and activities. It is only until that clock hits 2:00PM that we stop, take a breath and realize the day is done.

Each day after the camp is closed we clean up the area and refine what we have planned for our next day. From crazy science experiments to professional quality game design, we try to fit everything we can think of into one week. It is always sad when the camp is finally over and everyone leaves, but we always keep our ideas and creations in the back of our minds.

While departure is saddening, camp itself is a blast, literally!

With Mad Science experiments on Thursday, and custom made game designing on Friday, we tried to expose our campers to a wide berth of cool, creative and unique.

By harnessing the power of the Sun, we were able to cook, craft and create Solar ovens which reached up to 140 degrees!!

From there we turned to biology, dying flowers with our favorite colors.

Of course we ended Thursday with a bang! With three awesome and unique experiments, Oobleck, Volcanoes and Pepper-water with Soap. Each of these experiments showed our campers what some simple household materials can do.

With camp coming to a close today we figured we should do something they all seemed to truly enjoy. After finding out that WMSI's "GameStar" games were featured on the game alley, we decided we wanted everyone in our camp to know how special and impressive their work was.

Throughout the day we discussed all the different types of controllers that game consoles have used over the years. Along with our awesome "Maker" controller, called the MaKeyMaKey, which essentially lets you turn anything into a controller. This added a whole new dynamic to our campers games; from there they just started exploring all the possibilities within our game designing tools.

With a seemingly rapid trip from 12:45-2:00PM we ended the day with some amazing long exposure pictures, each picture as unique as the creator.

There is only two words that can describe this group of Makers: Simply Amazing.