MinecraftEDU Series - From exploratory puzzles to intense survival situations, MinecraftEDU gives us the tools necessary to customize your experience! Utilizing Game Designer, Aaron Goldman's experience we can create totally customized levels of which you will never see or experience anywhere else. For the ultimate Minecraft experience, you've come to the right place. Participants will practice collaboration with others, problem solving and much much more. Above all else we provide a safe environment to play with ZERO outside influence or contact (WMSI hosts the Minecraft Server and it is private).

Series Breakdown:          Click Here For All Workshop Dates

SkillCraft    •    Grades 3-6    •    60 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $10

In this MinecraftEdu Workshop, participants will practice skill building and problem solving. Answering puzzles and riddles with design challenges, participants will be put into custom WMSI designed worlds in an effort to increase Minecraft proficiency. This workshop will test your design, teamwork and problem solving skills!

LevelCraft    •    Grades 3-6    •    60 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $10

In this workshop participants will design their own Minecraft Levels! These levels will be completely playable on BOTH PC and Mac versions of Minecraft. Participants will practice sketching out a level design and then bring it to life by importing the worldmap into Minecraft! This technology can be brought home for FREE and used endlessly!

Minecraft for Girls    •    Grades 3-6    •    60 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $10

A Minecraft workshop designing specifically for our Female Makers! The main objective of these workshops will vary by week. Regardless of the activity participants will practice problem solving and team collaboration. Due to the nature of this tightly knit workshop, future workshop themes may be determined by the group of participants.

CollaberCraft    •    Grades 3-6    •    60 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $10

Participants in this workshop will receive tasks that they must complete as a team. This will test their problem solving skills, teamwork and social skills in a familiar environment. Participants will need to assign each other tasks in order to complete the entire objective. Working as a team is a must in this Minecraft workshop!

FreeCraft    •    Grades 3-6    •    60 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $10

A safe place to play and a comfortable place to learn is what this workshop is all about. WMSI will be providing its secure private server for players to explore and enjoy. While there is no direct focus in this workshop players will be able to ask questions, work together or separate and explore Minecraft on their own! Feel free to explore Redstone, other dimensions, monsters and more in this Free-Play workshop!

SurvivalCraft    •    Grades 3-6    •    60 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $10

As the title of this workshop suggests participants will work together to survive several days in our Minecraft World. These workshops will be totally customized by Game Designer Aaron Goldman to include some of the toughest Minecraft Challenges yet. Grab your Sword and Shield, it's going to be a long night!

RedCraft    •    Grades 3-6    •    60 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $10

Learn how to use one of the most interactive Minecraft tools available, Redstone! in this workshop participants will explore the uses of Redstone and the unique ways they can implement it into their world. Participants will leave with an understanding of Redstone functions and some of the tips nad tricks they can use to animate their Minecraft World.

ComputerCraft    •    Grades 3-6    •    60 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $10

Explore the wonderful world of coding in this advanced Minecraft workshop. Participants will begin to learn how to use Minecraft's "Block Coding" system as well as learning how to program in Lua (A programming language used both inside and outside of Minecraft). Our participants will discover things they have never done before and increase their building proficiency by using all that Minecraft has to offer! Walk away with an understanding of basic coding and a desire to crack open the secrets of ComputerCraft!

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