One Button Creations Series - Throughout our One Button Creations series, participants will enjoy the world of rapid prototyping, and open-ended design. While this workshop serves as an introduction to programming and physical design, our One Button Creations series are open to all. Beginners and experienced inventors will have a great time exploring and sharing their creative work!

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The Basics Grades 3-690 Minutes Pricing per workshop: $16

New to MINDSTORMS? Or maybe you just want to learn how to have strong builds. Come to this workshop to improve your basic robot designing skills. We can show you how to put those motors on your robot, and keep them there!

Sensors Grades 3-690 Minutes Pricing per workshop: $16

An Audio-Visual extravaganza is only a single button press away in this workshop, which explores the many audio and visual capabilities of the LEGO MINDSTORMS kits.

Useless Machine Grades 3-690 Minutes Pricing per workshop: $16

Generally when we try to tackle an engineering challenge it is based on something we need, something functional. Well in this workshop we spin that idea on its head. What about creating something unique that does the opposite of its original intent? A box that doesn't stay shut, a light that shuts itself off. the possibilities are endless!!

Motion Grades 3-6 90 Minutes Pricing per workshop: $16

Using the multitude of motors provided with the LEGO MINDSTORMS kits, participants will make leaps and bounds in the world of 3D motion.

Art Grades 3-6 90 Minutes Pricing per workshop: $16

Let our your inner artist and create something beautiful with the LEGO MINDSTORMS kits and the press of a button.

Gear Up! Grades 3-6 90 Minutes Pricing per workshop: $16

Discover how motors move such large and powerful machines in this workshop on gears. Watch as your LEGO projects go from Cruiser to Racer with the knowledge gained from attending this workshop!

The Climb Grades 3-6 90 Minutes Pricing per workshop: $16

Fight the force of gravity and send your robot upward! Create a robot that is able to climb high with grace and strength. These robots will have to stay in the air if they want to survive! Consider your build carefully, weight is your enemy!

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