Learn to Code Series - In this series, participants will learn how to write their own computer programs, many of which will be tied to graphical outputs so they can quickly and easily see the result of their creations. Through these programming projects, participants will learn the basics of program flow, loops, decisions, and variables.

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The Basics - Part One Grades 3-6 90 MinutesPricing per workshop: $16

The main programming language we will use is Python, but participants will see how learning the basics of writing code can be applied to programming robots, websites, mobile device apps and more.

The Basics - Part Two Grades 3-6 90 Minutes Pricing per workshop: $16

In this follow up workshop, participants will further their knowledge on programming as we delve into more complex code. Participants will break down the code given and dive deeper into the reasoning behind its use. Participants will also see the real world applications for code, and see how it relates back to what they are doing in this workshop.

A Python Scavenger Hunt Grades 6-8 90 MinutesPricing per 2 Day workshop: $32 (Dates listed here)

Participants will use the power of python programming to create a scavenger hunt. They will use the clues they code to lead their classmates on a wild journey! This is a two day workshop, be sure to clear your schedule for both days so you may continue the adventure!

Make an App Grades 3-6 90 MinutesPricing per workshop: $16

Learn how to code and design your very own Apps! By learning the basics of coding in this workshop you will be creating applications that can be used by family and friends! Newbies to coding are welcome!

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