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Stop Motion Animation

Videography • Art • Story Creation

About: Not all movies need a big budget! With the use of only a few simple items and students' creative minds, we can delve into the world of videography and create some incredible stop motion animation movies utilizing free apps on cell phones and tablets. Let legos dance, make drawings on a whiteboard move, or have cardboard cutout figures fly through the air! Students will work as a team and become the directors of their very own one-of-a-kind stop motion animation blockbuster!

App recommendations:

1. Stop Motion Studio (Free version, IOS)


How to's:

1. https://tinkerlab.com/easy-stop-motion-animation-kids/


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Wiggle Bots

 Motion • Wiring • Robotics

About: kids will delve into the creative process by designing robots that move on their own using only a single motor. They'll have an array of everyday materials to choose from, along with an assortment of gears, in order to create their unique "wiggle bot". The design may or may not work the first time, but that's where engineering comes into play! Students will troubleshoot each other's designs and seek out creative solutions, ensuring all bots are wiggling and drawing by the end!  

Here's a $7 wigglebot kit. Build directions are included at the bottom of the page!

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Skittle Study

Messy • Diffusion • Patterns

About: Want to explore how things react in water? Play with some super useful candy? Check out this cool skittles activity!

Items needed: Plates • Water • Skittles

Place skittles around the plate. choose a fun color pattern and arrangement shape. Pour water over the skittles and observe what happens! Can you explain it?

Extension: what happens if you shake it? Use another liquid instead of water? Does that change anything?


Scratch Intro: Dance Party!



Coding • Loops • Motion



Scratch Beginner: Cast a spell!

Coding • Inputs & Outputs • Loops

About: Machines make decisions for all of us day in and day out, and it takes an engineer's mind to meticulously design these machines to make our lives that much more convenient. Delving even further into the innovative world of lego robotics, students will use color sensors, touch sensors, and even motion sensors to program even more autonomy into their robot designs. If my robot detects the color yellow, perhaps it should output an image of the sun? 


Scratch Intermediate: code a maze!

Computer Programming • Game Design • Storytelling


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Makey Makey

Electronics • Circuitry • Conductivity

About: Have you ever played a video game using a banana as a controller? With Makey Makey, learn just how this incredible feat is possible! Utilizing the principles of electronics and circuitry, students will test the conductivity of a limitless spectrum of everyday materials such as aluminum foil, pencil lead, and even various pieces of fruit. With this wide array of conductors, students will see with their very eyes the flow of electrical signals through a closed circuit that they've designed themselves!


Makey Makey Game Control Design

Engineering • Design •Redesign

About: Using Makey Makey technology, students will have the opportunity to design their very own game controller for a whole spectrum of computer games, including Pacman, Whack-a-mole, Tetris, and Zelda. They'll need to put their engineering caps on, though, as they test the viability of other controllers, and brainstorm just how to improve each other's designs and create the most exciting gaming experience for all!


Raspberry Pi Coding with Minecraft

Pi • Python • Game Design



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