How it Works Series - Have you ever wondered how something works? Sometimes it is overwhelming to try and understand how something like a car runs and pulls its own weight, or how a bridge is able to support itself, plus the weight of giant trucks and heavy cars. In this workshop series we will explore the design principles and mechanics behind some of these engineering feats; instead of: "How does it work," you'll be saying: "I know how that works."

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Wacky Constructs Bridges Grades 3-690 Minutes Pricing per workshop: $16

In this engineering workshop, participants will learn the basics behind structural integrity. We will wipe some of the mystery away from how bridges, skyscrapers and houses are able to stand the test of time and everything else nature can throw at them. Come to this workshop ready to design, build and get messy!

Wacky Constructs Buildings Grades 3-690 Minutes Pricing per workshop: $16

Become your own architect and engineer in this building design workshop! Discover the blueprints that allow buildings to stand the test of time! Create your own building that will withstand the might of WMSI!

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