Holiday/ Vacation Workshops - Once a year WMSI holds workshops for several days during the Vacation of the local schools. These workshops are exclusive to those few days and are unavailable during the rest of the year.

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MinecraftEDU: Minecraft For Girls Special Edition!  •    Grades 3-8    •    1 Hour    •    Pricing per workshop: $10

A Minecraft workshop designing specifically for our Female Makers! The main objective of these workshops will vary by week. Regardless of the activity participants will practice problem solving and team collaboration. Due to the nature of this tightly knit workshop, future workshop themes may be determined by the group of participants. Note: This workshop is different then our regular "Minecraft for Girls" workshops.

LEGO One Button Creations    •    Grades 3-8    •    1.5 Hours    •    Pricing per workshop: $16

In this LEGO workshop students will design, build and iterate on robots which act for one purpose. Maybe your robot is a stackerbot and helps organize papers, or perhaps your robot delivers snacks to your desk. Regardless of their intent our students will be givena pre-designed robot base which they can build off of or reconstruct entirely.

MinecraftEDU: AdventureCraft   •    Grades 3-8    •    3 Hours    •    Pricing per workshop: $29

A Minecraft experience unlike any other. Players will form a party of heroes which will be guided through a world designed by Game Designer, Aaron Goldman. In this world they will face choices and challenges unlike any other; only a party that works together will survive!

LEGO Launchers    •    Grades 3-8    •    3 Hours    •    Pricing per workshop: $29

WMSI is putting the power of flight into your hands! By the end of this workshop you will have built a robot which can launch, fling, rocket or soar objects through the air! Who doesn't want to throw stuff?!

Hour of Code WMSI Edition   •    Grades 3-8    •    3 hours    •    Pricing per workshop: $29

So you have never coded before? Or perhaps you have done Hour of Code but want to learn more? No matter your skill level WMSI will turn you into a keyboard magician in this coding/programming workshop!

LEGO Coding    •    Grades 3-8    •    3 Hours    •    Pricing per workshop: $29

Delve into the awesome power of LEGO Mindstorms programming. Learn how to use blocks you have never even considered using before! There is much to learn behind the veil of LEGO Mindstorms! This workshop is for both coding newbies and our seasoned veterans!

Game Jam    •    Grades 3-8    •    3 Hours  •    Pricing per workshop: $29

Work as a team to create your very own video game levels! This workshop will be unlike any other Game Design workshop we have held before. Prepare to be astounded, amazed and ecstatic with your own creations. These are experiences that will last a lifetime!

Circuit Sculptures    •    Grades 3-8    •    3 Hours   •    Pricing per workshop: $36

Using the power of electricity and circuits bring your designs to life in this brightly illuminated workshop. Walk away with your final product in hand and a giant smile on your face!

Interactive Game Jam   •    Grades 3-8    •    3 Hours   •    Pricing per workshop: $29 w/o hardware, $79 w/ hardware (see hardware here)

Design your game level around your own customized wacky controls! Put a spin on something ordinary and make it extraordinary in this creatively crafty workshop! (This workshop may be bundled with the purchase of a MaKeyMaKey, see payment form for details)

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