Game Design Series - In the past few years video games and board games have become a serious provider for entertainment. Learn what it means to truly design a game in this series. Taught by an Independent Game Developer, participants will acquire skills that will help them become successful designers. When participants leave a workshop in this series they will be more excited to make their own game, rather than play one.

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Board Games meet 3D    •    Grades 6-8    •    3 Hours    •    Pricing per 2 Day workshop: w/o hardware - $60.00, w/ hardware - $105  (see hardware here)

In this workshop, participants will design and create their own interactive board games. By using the MaKeyMaKey Inventors Kit, participants will bring their games to life with interactive tiles that create sounds and show videos. Along with the MaKeyMaKey Inventors Kit, participants will scan and 3D print their very own game pieces.  Perhaps a mini-me type game piece?  Many things are possible with our scan and print technology!

Games by Gamers   •    Grades 3-6    •    90 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $16

Create and design your own video game in this game-making workshop! Participants will be given the skills to develop their ideas and turn them into playable video games. After the end of the workshop, participants will be able to take their games home and add even more to what they have already created!

Acrobatic Assembly    •    Grades 3-6    •    90 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: w/o hardware - $16, w/ hardware - $62 (see hardware here)

Using the MaKeyMaKey Inventors kit, participants will design their own unique controllers to play classic and new-age video games. Instead of a hand controller what if jump is activated by touching something on the ceiling or clicking your heels together? Find out how a simple game can become a fun, active, physical challenge in this active and wonky workshop!

Course: Level Design    •    Grades 3-6    •    2 hours x 4 sessions   •    Pricing per workshop: $95

In this Game Design course, participants can expect to learn the ins and outs of Level Design. While the course will be using Game Design to introduce these concepts, the lessons taught from this course will be applicable in any design scenario, game or not.

Course: Interactive Storytelling    •    Grades 3-6    •    2 hours x 3 sessions   •    Pricing per workshop: $75

Telling interactive stories in games is not like telling stories in movies or books: the addition of interactivity robs writers of many of the utilities used to create emotion, develop characters and even maintain a consistent plot line. In this course, participants will learn how to utilize all the tools they acquire in an interactive medium and apply them to any storytelling situation, whether it be a short story, a film trailer, or a campfire ghost story. Participants will leave this course after the third session with a mind full of creative ideas to help intensify their imagination and storytelling prowess.

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