Force of Nature - Explore, test and bend the will of nature in this explosive workshop series! Take command of the skies and stick to the shadows in this series of intriguing and challenging series of workshops.

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Egg Skydiving    •    Grades 3-6    •    90 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $16

Find out what it takes to keep your egg alive in this messy challenge. Don't expect this to be an ordinary egg drop challenge; your creation best be able to handle our gauntlet of tests!

Aerodynamic Airplanes    •    Grades 3-6    •    90 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $16

Discover what makes planes fly and how to use engineering to pilot a plane after launch. Create your own test planes and find out what a small modification can do at high and low speeds! Continue humans pursuit of flight and take to the skies in this aeronautic workshop!

Camo Creatures    •    Grades 3-6    •    90 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $18

Disguise your own creation for its life is in danger! Using a skeleton provided by WMSI, create your own camouflage animal. Ensure your animal is disguised well, for we will be putting these disguises to the test!

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