Electrocrafting Series - Merge the electronic with the inanimate and make the world come alive. In this series you will bring your creations to life with the latest technology! Walk away with something you've created, something you have brought to life.

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Digitize Yourself   •    Grades 3-6    •    90 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $18

In this workshop participants will create a character and bring it to life. From a physical representation to the ultimate backstory. You will put your imagination, engineering and creative thinking skills to the test.

Craft A' Collectible   •    Grades 3-6    •    90 Minutes    •    Pricing per workshop: $23

This workshop is all about lighting up the world around you. Using several different materials participants will mold, craft, cut, draw and create their own interactive pieces of art. Embed LEDs and custom lighting into your art! Build an electronic circuit that will bring your creation to the next level!

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