Links to great ideas and resources

NOTE:  This is a work in progress! Stay tuned!



Sparkfun's treasure trove of resources:

Makey Makey in particular from Sparkfun

Makey Makey Gallery:


From Tufts' Center for Engineering Education and Outreach

LEGO WeDo Challenges -- Dr. E's

LEGO MINDSTORMS Challenges -- Dr. E's

iCreate to Educate for SAM Animation;

Art of Tinkering from the Exploratorium


Little Bits

From a recent Make Magazine blog post about "starter projects":

Post #1

Post #2

Post #3 -- related to Teacher professional development opportunities 

Great paper airplane resource:

Build a LEGO MINDSTORMS paper airplane launcher


Some "low tech" projects we have done with teachers:

Binder Clip bling:

The simple motors I had out for demo.  You can “blingify” them:

The paper helicopter:
    (there are many many links on this one)

Paper speakers: (note, we did my simplest version of this activity but these links cover the essence of what we did and give you ideas for other directions to take it!)

Other Websites:

Maker related websites:

We are makers video:

Make magazine blog — lots of inspiration

Great starter woodworking projects:

Freely shared 2D and 3D designs:

Great project how-to sites:

Great vendors of electronics and other maker goods:

(check out their “learn” sites as well — and

Super cool project site for all ages:

2D and 3D design software for free:

A great programming environment embedded in a website:
Here is a short list of book resources:




4) Howtoons book: